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Lazy Susan Accumulation Table From EIS Automation

Lazy Susan Accumulation Table

Perfect fit for customers who plan to automate the end-of-line product handling at a later stage.

Great add-on for:

Accumulation tables are a critical component of product handling. They are designed to efficiently collect products to prevent slowdowns by quickly removing and temporarily storing finished products. With an easy-to-clean table, precise Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controlled speed, and the highest safety standard, the Lazy Susan rotary accumulation table is the perfect solution for end-of-line product storage.


The EIS Automation accumulation table includes industry-leading safety features including roller guard finger protection to eliminate any fingers or loose parts becoming stuff in the unit. Additionally, all rotary tables include a VFD overload protection with automatic shutoff to reduce injuries or issues, should something become stuck on the unit.

Precise Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controlled Speed 

Precise rotation speed allows for optimal product output and packaging. With an automatic shut-off in case of product jamming or human error, the Lazy Susan is efficient and safe. Our units are available in 120 volts and 220 volts single face with an automatic shutoff option if the unit becomes overloaded.

Take a look at our Lazy Susan Accumulation Table...

As they serve their purpose, accumulation tables can build up residue and unwanted packaging remnants. Many tables have fixed or welded sides making it difficult to clean the tabletop without pooling. This leads to build up of residue and waste in the edges. Our design involves an easy-to-remove stainless steel side which makes cleaning a quick & easy process!


  Easy to clean 

Whether you’re cleaning the machine or in need of additional table space, our removable stainless steel side can be easily removed and re-installed by an individual. The removable side not only makes cleaning the table easier but can also be easily replaced as needed.


 75MM Removable  Stainless Steel Side 

No matter if you are setting up your first packaging line, or if you are adding an accumulation table to your existing line, our adjustable table supports seamless integration with an adjustable height. Each of the four legs are adjustable by 3” allowing for easy integration with uneven surfaces.


 Adjustable Height For Seamless Integration 

The Lazy Susan is currently available in two table diameters - 47.25” and 59” to meet your needs. For both sizes, we offer a stainless steel option and a powder-coated steel option (for more abrasive products).


 Powder Coated Steel Or Stainless Steel Tables 

While accumulating products, the table can easily change directions to meet your packaging needs. Using the control panel, the Lazy Susan can easily be set to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your needs.


 Easily Changed Rotating Direction 


As a product-based business, packaging is a crucial component of getting your product safely and efficiently into the hands of the consumer. A rotary table accumulator is the perfect solution for any industry, including bakery, printing, household goods, cosmetics, pharma & nutraceutical, and general manufacturing.



Your first choice for Accumulation Tables

EIS Automation is an industry leader in product handling and secondary packaging. With safety and ease of use at our forefront, we are also dedicated to offering collaborative robotic solutions to end-of-line manufacturing clients. We also support our customers to make US manufacturing strong again through automated solutions and helping with reshoring initiatives. We design and manufacture all of our equipment here in the USA increasing the availability of parts without supply chain disruptions.

To learn more about how we can support your business, send us a message today!

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