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Robotic Work Cells

Reduce project costs through shortened development and deployment time with our modular Work-Cell approach.

Robotic work cells are enclosed units that contain one or more robots, and other mechanisms required to complete a specific process safely and efficiently. Up to 3 work cells can be interconnected.

  • Standardized cell design reducing cost

  • Interconnect up to 3 cells

  • application based robot

  • repeatable process

  • Windows based QC and Data Management

Standardized Cell Desgign


As a Consumer Goods business quality control, costs, and efficiency are at the heart of your operations. Integrating robotics such as workcells are a strategic and cost-effective way to increase quality consistency, increase product throughput, and reduce labor costs and accidents.


Robotics isn’t a new concept in the Semi Conductor industry. Precision and working with small components is a key factor in manufacturing and testing your products. Robotic workcells are an efficient and effective way to maintain speed, accuracy and quality in the manufacturing of your electronics and semiconductors.


The medical device industry is another industry becoming well integrated with industry 4.0. As with many other industries benefiting from integrating robotics into their manufacturing process, the medical device industry is one in which quality and assurance is at the forefront of their business. A robotic workcell can assist in supporting your production to lower labor costs, increase product throughput, and increase quality control.


Save time & money, increase productivity, and reduce waste by integrating workcells into your general manufacturing operations. While many manufacturing companies have used some type of robotics support for many years, automation is progressing rapidly as more of the world breaks into industry 4.0. No matter the types of manufacturing you offer, EIS Automation product handling specialists can support your operations.


Our modular robotic workcells are designed to be versatile and applicable to virtually every industry. Their enclosed space and adaptable design makes them ideal for small spaces, and a safe option to integrate robotics into your existing manufacturing operations. To learn more about if EIS Automation can support your industry, send us a message now.

A closer look at EIS Automation Robot Work Cells...

One of the biggest benefits of integrating robotics into your manufacturing is a reduced labor cost. As many business owners know, finding labor can be difficult and time-consuming. A workcell can maintain or increase product output, without any additional hiring needed.


  Reduced labor costs 

Purchasing a pre-designed and pre-engineered workcell is significantly more cost-effective than a completely unique and customized robotic solution. At EIS Automation, we use modular technology that allows us to use our pre-engineered workcell to keep costs competitive, while offering customization to scale the work cells to the individualized sizes and capabilities needed to meet your industrial needs.


 Reduced Purchasing Costs 

An important benefit of integrating robotics into your manufacturing process is that they have an incredibly high degree of accuracy and repeatability that is impossible to achieve through human-only labor.


Maximized Efficiency

Any time a large, quick-moving unit is added to the manufacturing floor, the opportunity for accidents can increase. However, workcells are specifically designed to complete their process in an enclosed space which limits the opportunity for accidents. Additionally, our workcells are equipped with interlocks to automatically stop the equipment if an operator accidently opens the work cell during production.


Increased Safety

Workcells are designed to work quickly and efficiently. They can increase your product throughput via reduced downtime and increased production rate. Robots are able to complete tasks more efficiently than an employee due to human nature and error.


Increased Product Throughput

Learn about robotic work-cells.

As more and more businesses are stepping into industry 4.0, robotic work cells are becoming an easy-to-integrate and accessible way to improve industrial operations and overall productivity.



Your first choice for Robotic Work Cells

As an industry leader in product handling and secondary packaging, EIS Automation is dedicated to offering safe, collaborative robotic solutions to end-of-line manufacturing clients. We also support our customers to make US manufacturing strong again through automated solutions and re-shoring support. We design and manufacture all of our equipment here in the USA increasing the availability of parts without supply chain disruptions from the EU or Asia.

To learn more about how we can support your business, send us a message today!

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