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End-of-Line Packaging
Quality Control, Batching, Packing, Data

  • In-Line Quality Control with reject

  • Product Batching

  • Robotic pick and place

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Windows Data Management

Batching is the process of creating bundles or multi-packs of a given product prior to packaging. This can be for distribution purposes or end-user multi-packs in the form of Shrink Wrapping or robotic case-packing into corrugated cartons.

At the end of a manufacturing line individual products are oftentimes exiting the production line. A batching module takes the individual products or pieces and organizes them in the desired batch size for further processing.

End-of-Line Automation

End of line robotic pick and place


•  In-Line Quality Control with reject

•  Remote login support

•  Automatic robotic batching
•  Designed and build for your product


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EIS Automation offers industrial automation solutions with a focus on the interconnected manufacturing environment as our core purpose. We are dedicated to helping you, our customers, make US manufacturing strong again through automated solutions and re-shoring support. We design and manufacture all of our equipment here in the USA increasing availability of parts without supply chain disruptions from the EU or Asia. We are also proud to offer remote login support for your convenience.

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