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Robotic workstation by EIS Automation

Robotic Work Stations

Modular Technology Enabling Higher Safety And Efficiency Standards

Robotic workstations refer to an assembly of industrial components that allow for the automation of a part (or multiple parts) of a manufacturing process. At EIS Automation, our modular robotic workstations are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your production line to handle your products in a safe, effective and efficient way. Support your staff, increase production, and reduce production costs by embracing industry 4.0 with a robotic work station.

Industries That Can Benefit From Robotic Work Stations


Robot assembly can be utilized in many different industries to support actions such as screw and bolt tightening, electronic assembly, dispensing, and more. Robots are able to complete these actions at a high level of accuracy and repeatability ensuring that the tasks are completed quickly and proficiently. This will support the overall assembly process to run more smoothly and efficiently.


Both medical device and lab environments are common spaces where we see robotic workstations being integrated. Their need for pristine cleanliness and precision makes robots an unmatched option for maintaining both. Additionally, these environments often involve handling materials that are corrosive or dangerous. Not only do robots handle products with more accuracy and less error than humans, reducing accidents or spillage, but they are also not subject to the same harmful side effects of dangerous products.


Robotic workstations are changing the semiconductor industry as more companies are deciding to embrace industrial automation. One of the most popular uses for robotic workstations within the semiconductor industry is pick & place technology to handle delicate products with machine-level precision. No matter the type of semiconductor products your business produces, collaborative robotics can be a way to increase product throughput, consistency, and efficiency.

A closer look at EIS Automation Robotic Work Stations...

One of the biggest benefits of robotics is their direct, positive relationship to labor costs. Robotic workstations are regularly used in manufacturing to complete repetitive tasks that would otherwise be completed by a human. By integrating robotics into your manufacturing process you can reduce wages, management, health & safety risk, and overtime costs.


  Reduced labor costs 

While many employees may feel hesitant at the thought of robots being integrated into their workforce, in fact, it often leads to happier employees. Robotic workstations tend to take over tasks that are repetitive, mundane, dangerous, or strenuous. When the less desirable tasks are being completed by a robot, workers have the opportunity to spend more time on the more complex or creative tasks they prefer.


Increased Employee Satisfaction

Robotic integration can greatly reduce errors caused by humans while increasing speed and product quality. Robots are able to repeat designated actions at high speeds with incredible precision and accuracy, without becoming fatigued. Increasing product throughput without increasing ongoing costs can support increased profits and company expansion.


Consistent Speed And Quality

Safety is a top priority for virtually every manufacturing company. When production levels increase, one of the biggest concerns is always safety. Adding collaborative robots to your processes can reduce mental fatigue from repetitive tasks (one of the biggest contributors to human error), eliminate or reduce exposure to harmful substances, and eliminate or reduce the need to lift heavy loads. Additionally, EIS Automation designs all of their units with safety at the forefront.


Increased Safety

Workstations allow for more internal manufacturing capabilities. Previously, extremely high production costs resulted in the need to outsource manufacturing or components of manufacturing abroad. Cobots allow for more onshore manufacturing which can be completed right in-house.


Minimized International Manufacturing Needs


All workstations include built-in safety features including force and torque sensing and design considerations eliminating sharp objects or corners that could lead to injury. As more and more businesses are stepping into industry 4.0, robotic work stations are becoming an easy-to-integrate and accessible way to improve industrial operations and overall productivity.



Your first choice for Robotic Work Stations

EIS Automation is an industry leader in product handling, and we are dedicated to offering safe, collaborative robotic solutions. We also support our customers to make US manufacturing strong again through automated solutions and re-shoring support. We design and manufacture all of our equipment here in the USA increasing the availability of parts without supply chain disruptions from the EU or Asia.

To learn more about how we can support your business, send us a message today!

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