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Increase efficiency and safety through product handling with palletizing robots.

Palletizing robot systems are manufacturing automation solutions that allow to easily transport materials using a robotic arm to pick and place products onto a pallet. The stacking pattern is constructed layer by layer, using an optional slip sheet placement, until the load is complete. Palletizing robots offer increased safety and product throughput while reducing operating costs.

Collaborative and Advanced Palletizing System


Model: CAPS-25F

  • Rugged Design; 0.5" welded steel base

  • max. 30Kg payload

  • Easily movable with hand jack

  • Runs on 120VAC power

  • No external air required

  • Quick startup and training

  • Application based end-effector



  • Laser scanner safety package

  • positioning conveyor

  • pallet detection

  • integrated stretch wrap

  • slip sheet magazine

stretch wrap.png

A closer look at EIS Automation Palletizing Robots...

Employee safety is a high priority for all manufacturers. Integrating robotics into your manufacturing process is one of the best ways to improve safety because it can greatly reduce workplace accidents associated with human error including tripping, falling, and being crushed by heavy loads.


Improves Employee Safety

Unlike the human body, robots can complete the same task repeatedly without the risk of injury or fatigue. Robots that are designed to support heavy loads completely removes the need for manual labor for lifting tasks. Not only is this safer, but it allows employees to focus on more complex and creative tasks rather than strenuous and monotonous tasks.


 Improves Employee Working Conditions

No matter the type of stacking pattern required, an EIS palletizing robot can adjust to your needs. Each palletizer includes an interface that allows operators to quickly and easily select the stacking pattern and height.


Easily Select Stacking Pattern And Height

Since palletizing robots can perform at a high level of accuracy and speed, they can stack product at a faster rate than manual labor while reducing waste due to error. Robots are also able to function with or without lights, allowing them to run overnight as needed. Despite the one-time purchase fee, operation and maintenance costs, palletizing robots do not require an hourly wage or benefits, making their long term operating costs significantly lower than a human employee.


Overall Reduced Operating Costs And Increased Productivity

We offer single and double pallet set-ups depending on your company needs. Our double pallet setup allows for reduced waiting time due to pallet change. Once one pallet is full, the robot can automatically switch to the second. Additionally, the double pallet setup can utilize machine vision to sort products for companies that require palletizing of two different products arriving at the same time. If needed, the palletizing robot can also place slip sheets to protect the product.


Single & Double Pallet Setup With Optional Slip Sheet Placement


As more and more businesses are stepping into industry 4.0, Robotic Palletizing Systems are becoming an easy-to-integrate and accessible way to improve industrial operations and overall productivity.



Your first choice for Robotic Palletizing Systems

EIS Automation is an industry leader in product handling with a specialized focus on end-of-line support and secondary packaging. We are dedicated to offering safe, collaborative robotic solutions to virtually every product-based industry. We also support our customers to make US manufacturing strong again through automated solutions and re-shoring support. We design and manufacture all of our equipment here in the USA increasing the availability of parts without supply chain disruptions from the EU or Asia.

To learn more about how we can support your business, send us a message today!

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